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  • Over the tracksOver the tracks

    Duffy-Stone, Heather, 1977- author.

    After her mother is diagnosed with cancer, Lucy becomes distressed and begins selling her mother's medical marijuana.

  • Testing the truthTesting the truth

    Knudsen, Shannon, 1971- author.

    When Kai sneaks into his teacher's classroom to look at an upcoming test, he discovers that his teacher is changing answers to students' standardized tests--and he takes photos to prove it. A classroom conflict forces Kai to reveal what he knows, but no one believes him and he is suspended. Now Kai must prove his photos are legitimate and clear his permanent school record.

  • A cut too farA cut too far

    Brown, Herman, 1971- author.

    Chace has become accustomed to the bullying he has to endure at school, but when one of the bullies begins to taunt him because his mother is dating an Iranian man, he makes a decision to stand up to the harassment and gets suspended for it. Left looking like the bad guy, he searches for a way to overcome the battle he can't seem to win.

  • The ConfessionalThe Confessional

    Goodman, Gabriel, author.

    When Jenny Vang switches to yet another new high school, her only goal is to fit in. She learns the surest way to accomplish that is to join in on the school's unofficial gossip site known as "The Confessional." But when she makes up a story about hooking up with a teacher, she is suspended for two months. While she owns her mistake, she'll also have to stand up for herself when she learns that her punishment is harsher than normal.

  • High dramaHigh drama

    Terrell, Brandon, 1978- author.

    After seeing her best friend, Kat, kissing another girl, Dessa keeps the secret, but her anger over Kat not confiding in her causes trouble.

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