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Psychopaths : up close and personal

Berry-Dee, Christopher.

Berkeley, CA : Ulysses Press, 2018.

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Hear from doctors, lawyers, relatives, and psychopaths themselves to see what makes killers tick.

"I have a nut ball...he's a real one-off...He's got a woman's breast in his jacket pocket, for Christ's sake."
-- Phone call about Wayne Adam Ford, "The Killer with a Conscience"

"The depravity of this murder simply shocks the conscience of this court. One who callously destroys a family to accomplish her own selfish ends must face the most severe consequences that the law can provide."
-- Sentencing statement for Melanie McGuire, "The Ice Queen"

"I felt nothin'! ...There was nothing going through my mind until they were already dead...I mean, it was like watching it [on TV]."
-- Michael Bruce Ross

"Killing a broad doesn't make any difference to me. Killing ANY FUCKIN' BODY doesn't make any difference to me."
-- Kenneth Bianchi, "The Hillside Strangler"

"He talked about the police searching for bodies in woods and rivers. He gave it, as his opinion, that the best way to get rid of a body was to put it in concrete on a construction site."
-- Gilly Page on John Cannan

"Well, it was me all along. I would have killed and kept on killing...They had all the facts and now even the psychiatrists have got it all wrong."
-- Peter Sutcliffe, "The Yorkshire Ripper"


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